My computer is being silly and I can't get it to download pictures at the moment but we went to our first castle as a family this weekend in our new car! Adam drove us out to Stonehaven and we walked around Dunnottar (pronounced Dun-AH-tter), in the rain shouting--stay here, no don't climb that, and walk carefully! Dunnottar is a castle set on a jutting cliff above the sea. It was very beautiful. Our car is great, too. We have a little Toyota estate (station wagon) that we got from Newmachar motors--they are great people to go to, very kind and helpful and believers. Also, we got car insurance from Geico based out of England for Americans to use and it's much lower than any other insurance offers we've seen here. Hooray! Adam fiddled with a new dvd player and found the codes to make it play all regions so we're just feeling decadent with a car, a working dvd player, a good size televison, and all. Today we went to Westburn park, which is a great park just up and down the hill from us. The sky looks ominous but it hasn't rained and we didn't even need gloves and hats today so it almost felt like home. It was a good start to Calvin's holidays from school. Will post more later :)


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