Last week was a busy week. Guy Fawkes Day (see V for Vendetta to possibly know more) was Thursday and there were lots of fireworks going off all over the city. On Saturday we went to the Reid's house for Cooper's Narnia birthday party, which was fun. Afterwards I popped down to Sainsbury's and then the whole family headed out to Banchory to celebrate Guy Fawkes with the Zieglers at their house. They took us for a walk around the property of Crathes Castle (see pictures on the Follow The Nigh's Facebook account) and fed us dinner. It was so much fun that we stayed way too late and our kids didn't get to bed till 10:30. Sunday we had the Waddells over for lunch after church, which was also very nice. Great families! Sunday was also Remembrance Sunday and the red poppy pins were everywhere. This is a short post because what I really wanted to say was that if you wanted to really see our pictures of Scotland and us in Scotland, you should visit our Facebook page started by my sister Megan. Become a fan of "Follow The Nighs" if you're so inclined. Here I write more what's going on and there I upload all the pictures. So between the two, if you care, you can get the whole Nigh adventure. Cheers! - Rachel


Joy said...

so im not saying i check your blog everyday... but enough to put out there that I want to read what you are doing more often! update!! (though i am totally not one to talk ;)

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