I thought I'd just add the differences between Scotland National Trust and Historic Scotland.

If you're staying in and around Aberdeen, the National Trust is the membership for you. We got an amazing deal during a kids discount time and paid, I think, something under £60 for a year and a half membership. It covers most of the castles on the castle trail. It doesn't cover everything nor does either membership help you with privately owned castles such as Dunnottar and Glamis. But this membership has paid for our four person family in just four castle visits.

The Historic Scotland membership is for the big boy castles down south like Edinburgh and Stirling, and covers most of the castles to the south and even a few up here including Tolquhon and Auchindoun Castles and in Fife, St. Andrews Castle. This membership is a bit more pricey at around £70 for a year's membership but also worth it if you're planning on taking your family to Edinburgh and Stirling even once as these castles are very expensive on their own.

So there's my take on the two main membership offerings. Plus, we get lovely magazines and handbooks from both with pamphlets on upcoming events all across Scotland. Cheers! - Rachel


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Hey- Love this! Thanks for the info.

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