Where Does The Sun Go After It Sets?

Where Does The Sun Go After It Sets?

Where does the sun go after it sets?
Down to the sea to sleep in the west
What will it do there down in the blue?
Make friends with the beautiful pearly white moon
What will they talk about, do you know?
Where they have come from and where they will go
Shall they invite many friends in for tea?
The west wind, the north wind, the stars and me
How will the sun know just when to rise?
When the tea is all gone and they've said their goodbyes
Is the sun lonely when it shines in the sky?
No, for it shines on you and I

Written and Illustrated by R.C. Nigh


Rachel said...

Love both the painting and the words! Beautiful :) Miss you and hope you guys are doing well.

Miss Mommy said...

That was lovely!

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