Getting A Jump On Christmas

Christmas In May

This post almost seems like a dare.  Two years ago in our flat on Hilton Street, I decorated our house for Christmas in the true Scottish fashion--like Elf.  I bought two packs of white computer paper and cut lots of the pages into strips (hint: I even let my daughter color on pages first and then cut them up later to make pretty colorful chains).  Then I taped the strips through each other and made long paper chains (this is also something to do on long cold Scottish winter days when the sun sets at 4pm). 

Here is what our living room looked like.  You can see I still had chains to put up. 

And, since you can see the backs of the characters I painted above in the window, I thought I'd show you what I painted to put in the windows.  Here is the front of our Scottish house in the late afternoon (I'm not kidding--it was about 4:30pm here!)

And suddenly it felt like Christmas.  My son was asked at school if it was his house that had all the Charlie Browns in it.  He was very proud to say yes.  Imagine the day he's embarrassed about all the kooky things I do.  I hope that day doesn't come.   Well, happy Christmas in May everyone!


Miss Mommy said...

It was a dare!! Anyway, I still don't have the icon to actually pin...need help!

melissa said...

Fun to see, since we were in the States when you had it all decorated like this. Love the Charlie Brown stuff!!

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