I'm going to start this blog from the very beginning and then when I am eighty and the internet has been replaced by contact lens computers that cost a flugle (the same price as a nickel), I will be able to look back at this and know what went on at each step of the journey.
My husband, Adam, has recently been accepted into the doctoral program at Aberdeen University, Aberdeen Scotland. We have started to hunt the internet looking for clues as to how to get scholarships and loans, how to find a flat, and schools for the kids, and all sorts of the information you need to move to another country.
So far we have our passports and four plane tickets to Aberdeen. We are getting the kids their passports this Thursday at the post office. We have moved out of our house and begun to pack things away that will be stored for three years (the length of time generally needed to complete this course of study). It is strange to pack things away for three years. It is also very freeing to let things go that are not valuable enough to store for three years.
When asked by all who hear of our amazing decision to pick up and move from the sunny shores of famous Santa Cruz, California to the cold north of Scotland, their first two statements are, "Wow! That is so amazing!" and "How on earth are you going to pay for that?"
To this my husband and I smile serenely and say, "We have no idea."
To all and sundry, I offer only this explanation: It is in our blood to wander the world and if, at the end of my life, I can say I have been everywhere I ever desired to go then what good is a safe bank statement and a pile of cash that your family will inevitably fight over? (Please do not think that I have a pile of cash now that I am squandering -- I don't. Don't worry.)
Money will never stop us from the adventure.... Will post more when I have more money.


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