Two months later and we're still getting our feet wet. New questions that plague us:
1. Do we (and if so where) get visas and work permits to accompany our passports?
2. How do you apply for bank loans and private loans?
3. How do you begin to break down the system of another country so that you can function there?

Answers thus far:
1. Yes, we need both work permits and visas to accompany our passports. I am still trying to get our youngest's info together so that I can get the kids their visas but I have found the site to request visas to the UK. It's
2. Type in all your vaguest questions into a search engine and start sifting. I found that Wells Fargo has an intuitive page for loan info and a few sites with private loan inquiries of which we have started to sift through as well. Upside and down: we made need someone to cosign for these things to go through.
3. Find good websites about moving to another country. I found one called It has a lot of great info and I found it by typing in the following phrase on a search engine: how to move to Scotland. Remarkably simple, no?

There are a lot of things to consider when moving to another country. A good way for me to start was not to look for what I needed in Scotland but what I would need if I moved here to California. I know the system here and it's easier to say what I would need i.e. dmv, bank, insurance, schools, health care, etc. Every time we start to get antsy and worried about how it's all going to work we pray and then we search. Information is always a calming factor, even when that information is daunting.


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