Scotland feels close now. We are a scant four months out and getting antsy about the prospect of jumping countries without a home nailed down but what can you do but keep an eagle eye on the market over there? ( is the Aberdeen women's fellowship site and it has a link to finding housing in Scotland.)
So far what we've found about bank loans -- Wachovia has subsidized (which means--get ready--that you don't pay the loan interest until you're done with school) school loans that are for larger amounts than other places. You can apply online for most of these loans to begin with.
We got the kids their passports at the post office, including their passport pictures, which you can do for a fee and is much easier than going somewhere else and making sure the photos are compatible with the passport requirements.
Adam has kept up his constant scouring of Aberdinian bloggers to find out what goes on in various years of study. He found a picture of a typical office room that each student shares with about four other students. It looks all right. We console ourselves with the fact that we can make an amazing Narnian/Lord of the Rings/ancient leather and book study at our home and when we come back to the states.
I have made first contact with the Aberdeenshire Council so that this fall I can enter my seven year old son in school when we arrive. Go to the website below for more council information.


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