I am learning where things are in the great city of Aberdeen. I have found a lovely website that lists the registered farmer's markets in all of Scotland. Go to: and there is one in Aberdeen.
Apparently there are three main shopping centers that boast main stores called:
John Lewis, Marks and Spencer, and Debenhams
Also there is Sainsbury's which is a superstore of, I am assuming, super things like food and accessories.
In Aberdeen City: Union Street and George Street are major shopping streets and Thistle and Castle Streets have many boutiques.
So there you go...a place to start looking for the American equivalents to Costco, Safeway, Raley's, and hopefully Target-ish or Walmart stores that will feel faintly familiar when we arrive.


Mama Em said...

Okay- here goes- Marks and Spencers and John Lewis are department stores. We have Costco (I have a mebership!) and Asda is a sister store of Walmart- different colors, same concept. It's great because many stores close early and it stays open til 10-ish. No target sadly, but we're making it. ;) Sainsbury's is the closest grocery store to me- it's the nicest and most expensive, but not too bad. All grocery stores have clothing and home sections, which is really cool. We like Sainsbury's because it has some world goods some stores don't. There's also an Asian market, called Matthews Market, that has some cool stuff. You'll get it all sorted!

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