Our visa applications have now been dutifully sent off and we await the results on tenterhooks. It's strange to be driving around town and thinking--this might be the last time I drive this way before I move to Scotland. It's also hitting home how much we'll be leaving behind. We've got it pretty sweet with a wonderful family and lots of friends. If I do not get a chance to write again before we leave, please check back often as I will try to keep everyone in the loop as we go off on this Grand Adventure. Thank you so much to everyone who has helped us financially and everyone who have been praying for us. We feel our community rise around us and send us off with all joy...well, maybe a little sadness, too. Also, if you needed an excuse to visit Scotland, please come and see us. We extend our home to you and hope you'll use it as an excuse to come and see the place where enchantment is born and castles still loom on the hillsides. I hope the months we're gone are profitable and adventurous but I also hope to return with all good luck and God's grace. Godspeed to all travelers near and far...


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