I've changed the color scheme around on this blog plage because I'm in desperate need of warm colors and this seems a most simple way to get that. I was hoping for something a little more medieval when I started out but I found this salmony peachy color and couldn't resist.
Last night was the March AWF party at Allison's flat and it was so much fun. Allison put together a lovely set of teas to go over and we had little taste tests, delicious treats like chocolate cupcakes and scones, and little lovely signs posted everywhere declaring it a tea party. I wore my hat especially for it and had a grand time with the AWF ladies. Thanks Allison! Plus, I love your flat with all the books. I didn't realize how much I miss all my books that I had to leave in the states until I saw how many you had and realized that's what makes a home so homey to me. I'v grown up with books lining the house and have come to feel it is the only way to decorate. So, there it is.
February has passed and I know the months will slip away until suddenly I will look around and the year will be ending again. The snow has gone for the moment but I am certain it will return. Apparently this is the worst winter here in 31 years. Really. Are you kidding me, Scotland? I do not wish to bring such weather with me wherever I go. Listening to Jewel's lullaby album as I write this and remembering how much I played it this last summer for Mercy when she was going to sleep in the next room at Mema and Baba's. It is overall a very nice mellow collection.
I have been writing again and feeling somewhat creative so that is always a plus. I think the snow and darkness sucked all interest out of my creative side and I just wanted to hibernate until spring. Calvin and Mercy too are feeling the pull of the little sun we are getting now and I wish I could send them out in less than jackets and mittens to play. Calvin has started a rock collection, which is convenient for me because we have a rock garden for a front yard and he seems content to search there. Mercy is looking fabulous with short hair. I cut it last weekend along with everyone else's hair. We had a shearing weekend.
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Miss Mommy said...

Where is the pic of Mercy's hair?

Anonymous said...

i liked this post. refreshingly open.

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