Things I would change:
my hair color (done it)
my weight (done it and back again)
the fact that my ankles and arms will never be thin even if I weigh 100 pounds less (not done it)
my lazy eye when I'm tired (don't want to wear an eyepatch)
the sound of my voice when I'm trying to sing beautifully and can't
my non house cleaning habits
Not finishing projects after I start them
Putting my foot in my mouth when if I'd just shut up I'd look kind, smart, or graceful

Things I wouldn't change:
my age (I'm happy to get to grow older and don't really want to be anyone else)
the fact that I can walk and talk and see and hear
my husband (Prince of my heart)
my kids (most days)
the fact that I know and have decided opinions on books, music, and movies (sorry in advance)
my family (love them or love them more, they're all pretty awesome)
the way pitchers and apothecary jars make me smile
that I love toys and kids movies and enchanting kids things
that I still want to dress up for Halloween

So, overall I suppose I'm happy today with just being me. We're facing many trying things here in Scotland, not the least of these the fact that we seem to get every illness known to man here and the doctor kindly told me that we'd get everything they can throw at us because we're not acclimated to the little bug beasties. Also, my skin and hair are dying terrible deaths. Having come from a temperate beach town in California to the cold North, I am discovering all the ways my skin can die and all the ways my hair can flop uselessly on my head till I pull it back. Yuck. But, still, when we're out as a family and looking at ruins that are hundreds and hundreds of years old, we feel complete. There is a lovely familyness to our adventures out and we all generally have a great time just being around one another. Plus, I must pitch the getting out of town thing as it is really surprising how head down to the ground I can be until we're out and about. Then the whole world seems to open up and I remember that we're in Scotland and that it can't and won't last forever.
This last weekend we, on a whim, decided to go to a castle. Not many are open yet for spring but we chose Huntly as being the nearest we hadn't been to. An hour and a half later we are told by the lady at the desk that they're not letting people in because of the snow. So, on we went to Elgin Cathedral, Lossiemouth on the coast, and Spynie Palace. It turned out to be quite a lovely day and the air was fresh but not biting. Then we had to drive almost three hours home but Adam's a champ when it comes to driving and even though I fell asleep with my mouth open in the front seat, we arrived home unscathed. Great day!


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