Okay folks, I've officially made a map (click on the link above). Let's hope it helps at least one person and then my tedious cataloging won't have been in vain. I have listed all the castles that we've been to and all the castles we wish to go to so that you can see the full scope of what we hope to gain from Scotland's beautiful sites. I've mainly listed the sites we haven't been to yet, as some of them are on the way to other places and you might miss them otherwise. This way, we've found a fairly complete map of what we want to see. Keep in mind we've left a few things off of any historic maps you would normally find, sheerly because after researching these places--we don't really care to see them. Most of the ones left off (that we know of) are left off for several reasons: they are too ruined to really be a site worth traveling to, they are too new and therefore not really an authentic site worth traveling to, or they are so much of the same of what we've already seen (Craigievar) that we really don't see the point and it isn't on the way to anything else. Also, we do lean towards castles and not other forms of historic sites so there are not as many landmarks beyond structures that we've listed. After saying all that, I hope this helps you discover at least one castle on the way to another castle and, in that way, enjoy your trip all the more knowing that you made full use of your time. Our kids can spend anywhere from half an hour to two hours at a site, depending on what's available and how easy it is to navigate. Therefore, when we travel, I try to have at least three and perhaps four castles on the list for the day so that we can be prepared to skip around. I start at the farthest point and find my way home with castles being our detours. Good hunting!

Cheers, Rachel


Christy said...

AMAZING! I'm so excited to explore your map, and all the sites it reveals to us. =) Thank you!

Miss Mommy said...

Great work!! The tricky part for me is that I don't know the names of the points of interest.

coach purses said...

I'm so excited to explore your map, and all the sites it reveals to us

Nigh Family said...

Miss Mommy,
click on the blue tag and it brings up the title of the castle etc. Is that what you meant? That way you can get directions to that place etc. Or, on the left side of the screen are the sites listed. Click on them and it will show you which one that is on the map. Help?

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