As I've done more and more of these little reviews, I'm getting the sense that I should have a very easy map to locate all the places along the way to each site. We've spent some time ferreting out other castles and sites of interest so that we're never just going one place and spending a whole lot of time in the car because, let's face it, if that were the case than almost none of this would be worth it. Even in some of the most beautiful castles, I can't spend more than a few hours looking around. If I was going there by myself in a big hat and laden with an old fashioned picnic basket and my easel, I could easily spend the day wandering around little Scottish towns and visiting ruined sites (word of warning: if you ever see a site that says "remains of" don't bother! It's almost always a partial wall that went to something). So, all that to say I will be working on a little map that has where we've been and how far a drive between sites everything is. It's been sad to know we've missed a castle by a ten or twenty minute drive because it wasn't on one of the maps we were currently holding. Will post it when I'm done. Cheers, Rachel


Christy said...

Ohhh! So looking forward to seeing your map. I have been frustrated that everything we look at is so incomplete. Thanks from all of us who will benefit.


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