If any men ever read this blog, they'd probably start snoring just reading this title, but I found my file on this and want to share.

No one needs fine china anymore. If you want it then you must use it. I've seen too many people end up with an every day white cheap china set or even a melamine set of plates and a fancy set of china they have used maybe twice since their marriage.

I have a new solution. I have a set of china and I use it because I will not be cowed by the silver trim or the fact that Sweet Leilani does not go with most events. But my new solution is even better. It kills two birds with one stone. I am going to have an eclectic set of china--only one place setting from different sets. This doubles as a fabulous birthday present idea for me as I only want one and you can be assured your gift won't get lost in the shuffle of dozens of the same thing. Having explained that, I'm listing a few below that I want and can record on here so I won't forget (not, as you might suppose) as a birthday list.

Robert Haviland & C. Parlon "Syracuse"

Philippe Deshoulieres "Dhara Collection"

Lenox "British Colonial"

Lenox Simply Fine "Chirp"

Phillippe Deshoulieres "Corinthe"

Lynn Chase "Tiger Lily"

Wedgewood "Black Astbury"

Versace "Primavera Collection"

Robert Haviland & C. Parlon "Versailles Gold"

Royal Albert "English Rose"

S0, there you have it: some china I think would be lovely to have one piece of (especially the Versace, which one full place setting is $375 and the dinner plate alone is $80...hey, a girl can dream about china she'll surely drop if she ever gets, right?)


Joy said...

ah, i love this post. I think if I were to dine at your dinner feast elaborate with these pieces, I would choose Royal Albert "English Rose". I wonder what the other gals would choose. This might make me want to start looking at china again. fun post, thanks for doing so!

Kate E. said...

I like this idea. I have seen people do it using stuff they have picked up from antique shops or thrift shops.
Just for fun and since Joy is curious, I would like to dine on the 'Chirp.' (That sounded funny.)

Miss Mommy said...

I'd go with Syracuse for sure. Chirp was my 2nd choice, tho.

Nigh Family said...

That's funny, I would have actually probably chosen each one of those for you and you picked them! Which one do you think I would choose if I could only have one?
This idea goes along with my love of the Harlequin tea party sets as well. I like the idea of mix and match--perhaps only pulling out ones that have a uniform theme or color for various events. It's a far cry from my formal china sitting in a box back in CA.

Kate E. said...

Syracuse and Dhara Collection tied for second.
Rachel, as far as your choice if you could only have one....hmmmm. The 'Tiger Lily' is speaking to me that it would be your choice. Is it a little out there? Maybe. But I feel that you could pull it off with flair. I'm probably WAY off, but I thought I'd hazard a guess.

Nigh Family said...

Love it. You're right! I would choose the tiger, though I'm not sure why. I'm not excessively fond of tigers. Perhaps it would just be to have something different on my table. :) Nice pick!

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