Little Red Farm

Little Red Farm

Dear little field mouse so brown and furry
Where are you off to in such a hurry?
Has that old tomcat scared you away
And made you leave your nest in the hay?

Sleek little tomcat, proudly purring
Don’t you know the calves are stirring?
Their mothers won’t be pleased that you
Have drunk their milk and made them moo

Wobbly red calf with soft black eyes
Take to the fields and bleat at the sky
The rooster will be crowing soon
And it’s high time for it’s past noon!

Peeping fluffy chicks of yellow
My, aren’t you all proud little fellows?
Hopping round the barnyard floor
Past the pig and out the door

Mr. Pig, you’re looking well
You’ve had your lunch as we can tell
And since you're fat and less than thinner
You'll be at Farmer's for Christmas dinner

Oh, Farmer Brown, your house is cozy
Your dog is fed, your wife is rosy
All who dwell in this good home
Shall never want to stray or roam

Written and Illustrated by R.C. Nigh


Miss Mommy said...

I really like the proud little fellows part.

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