BIRTHDAY: Pixie Hollow

My daughter turned four! We celebrated by inviting a few fairies from Pixie Hollow over.  If you're going to have a Tinkerbell birthday, this is the only way to fly...well, this and pixie dust.

 My sister Laura (on the left) designed this tent and all the poster board flowers and butterflies.  She and my sister Lizzie (on the right) drew, colored, and cut out all the decor.  The netting and flowers were all things my mother saved from my wedding a dozen years ago and we pinned it all together to make a tent for the fairies to sit in.

My sisters!

These are the fairies: Silver Mist, Tinkerbell, and Faun (I did not make those names up but I designed and made the costumes (with my mom's help sewing the tulle).  All the flowers are felted and we borrowed some old tank tops for the rest.  

Here is my daughter opening up gifts with Tinkerbell's help.  

Tinkerbell (my sister Summer)

Sitting in the tent after a scavenger hunt for fairies on flowers, which my daughter then handed out to her Aunts (the fairies). 

Tinkerbell's shoes--a mixture of Indian beaded slippers, netting pom poms I made and then sewed on and a set of ribbons to keep the slippers on her tiny feet (they were two sizes too large)

Some of the kids from the party wanted a picture with the fairies before they went home

The birthday girl and the fairies

A special Happy Birthday hug from Tinkerbell

My favorite picture of the day: My beautiful sister and my lovely daughter.  Could it get any better?

Besides the tent and awesome sisters willing to dress up in costumes, this party was simple.  We had a scavenger hunt for flowers that had fairies who had gotten "lost" on them.  The kids found them and returned them to the fairies.  The fairies rewarded them with special head bands and masks, which I made and turned out well, though I don't have a pic here of them.  You can see my daughter wearing one in the picture where she is opening her gifts.
We had snacks and cupcakes since it was an afternoon party, gifts, and then pictures with the fairies.  My husband made an awesome soundtrack of all things lovely little girls love like the songs from Disney's Enchanted, and voila! 

Happy days January 2011


leah wall said...

that is amazing! happy birthday, Mercy!

Miss Mommy said...

I agree with Leah!! I love it all and am so impressed (tho not at all surprised)! :)

Justcurious said...

Wow, the costumes are fantastic! How did you make the fairy wings? I'm costume parent for our school's upcoming Peter Pan, Jr. musical.

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