RECIPE: Fast an' Easy Marshmallow Squares


What You Need:
*A few pats of butter
*A bag of mini marshmallows (on the baking aisle at Asda or Sainsburys)
*A box of Kellogg's Rice Krispies
*A Stock Pot
*A wooden spoon
*A casserole dish
*A piece of wax/parchment paper
*Cooking spray

What To Do:
*Place your stockpot over the lowest flame possible

*Put in a glob (around two to three pats of butter) in the pot

*While the butter is melting, spray the inside of the casserole dish with the cooking spray and set aside

*Once the butter is melted, add the bag of mini mallows.  Allow them to melt for a few minutes, then stir.  They will be very sticky and not melt completely--don't worry.  They want to melt, they're just having a hard time with only sugar and butter to motivate them.  

*When the marshmallows are mostly melted (still lumpy), pour in about a third of a family sized box of rice krispies.  As I write this I know I'll get a groan from you who are meticulous measurer's but I can say that as you're stirring, just keep adding krispies until the ratio looks like every krispie is covered.  There shouldn't be the feeling of dry krispies at the bottom nor a mixture so goopy you feel as though the krispies are getting soft.  

*Quickly pour the mixture into your casserole dish.  This will take a little effort--it's very sticky.

*Push the mixture to the edges of the dish and pat firmly into place using the wax paper under your hands to keep them from getting sticky. (You can also wet your hands and do it that way if you don't have wax paper.  As long as you keep your hands damp, the krispies won't stick.)

*You only need to wait a few minutes before serving, but if it's going to be longer, put the piece of wax paper over them to keep them fresh.  Or, if you're going to stick them in the fridge (on the off chance that you have melted baking chocolate and spread it over the top), place a piece of aluminum foil over the dish. 
Well done! Eat 'em up.


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