Go Fish! with eeBoo: Games and Wall Art gifts worth getting

So we have this Go Fish! card game that was given to us as a gift by amazing grandparents.  As we were playing this fabulous game yesterday (and I say that in all seriousness), I suddenly though that this particular Go Fish set would make a great gift.  The cards are a delightful fish shape and they are of a fine heavy coated paper that is quite durable, as well as the whole set being packaged in a great box with a slide out inside.  But the best part? The colors of the fish! Each one is a beautiful and unusual color--talk about your kids learning their colors. 

Just look at these cute fish and then look at the colors: chartreuse, eggplant, indigo, and hot pink! This set is amazing.  Look for it on Amazon.com (it's a perfect set).  

Then, I had a brilliant idea.  Why don't I look up other eeBoo products since I was so enamored of these?  Well, guess what?  They make lots of things, including the alphabet cards and bird cards that hang on the walls of Miss Mommy's kids' rooms.  Can you believe it?  I mean, these are heirloom collections and they make games too!  Check out some of the things I found below.  All of these can be found on Amazon by the way.  

Okay, so I could go on and on because there are plenty of other games, wall art hangings, growth charts, and generally lovely art pieces that you can pick up very reasonably and play with your child!  If you're looking for an inspiration gift-wise for eager Grandparents wanting to give gifts, these are a great line to choose from.  They are both timeless and useful and (wait for it) NOT GIGANTIC TOYS that fill your living room, bedrooms, and beyond.  So, happy hunting and I hope you get a chance to own something from this super sweet company!


Miss Mommy said...

Seriously, in LOVE!!!!!!!

In other words, wunt shum.

Miss Mommy said...

You really need to link to them for your amazon account, silly girl.

Anonymous said...

I have a set of eeBoo alphabet cards each for Lily and Callum. Callum has the hardware/tools set and Lily has the flowers. (I have a soft spot for well done alphabet cards. I'd have them all over my house if I could.)

SteveC said...

I think I recognize that Old Maid set. Nice to see quality stuff still around instead of a plastic toy that kids watch run down

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